Silver Hatchetfish

Tetras | Silver Hatchetfish

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(Please note that the fish shown in the photo is only a representative of what an adult specimen would look like. The color may vary based on the age and sex of the fish you receive.)

Scientific Name: Gasteropelecus levis

Common Name: Silver Hatchetfish, Silver Hatchet

Adult Size: 1.75 inches

Life Expectancy: 6 years

Habitat: South America

Minimum Tank Size: 20 gallons

Ideal Tank Conditions: 

  • Temperature Range: 76 - 82°F
  • pH Range: 4.0 - 7.0
  • Water Hardness:  10 - 18

    Temperament: Peaceful

    Diet & Nutrition: In the wild, Silver Hatchets are carnivores feeding on micro invertebrates and zooplankton at the surface. A diet made up of various high quality protein based flake foods or floating pellet foods is ideal, in addition to offering bug bites and frozen foods such as bloodworms, brine shrimp and daphnia.

    Breeding & Spawning:  Egg layers, however, there is very little information available on breeding and at this time, there are no dependable resources detailing their breeding behavior.

    Gender: These fish can be relatively difficult to sex, but the females are noticeably rounder than the males, especially when they are laden with eggs.