Panchax Yellow

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(Please note that the fish shown in the photo is only a representative of what an adult specimen would look like. The color may vary based on the age and sex of the fish you receive.)

Scientific Name: Aplocheilus lineatus

Common Name: Panchax Yellow, Malabar Killifish, Striped Panchax

Adult Size:  3 - 4 inches

Life Expectancy:  years

Habitat: India

Minimum Tank Size:  20 gallons

Ideal Tank Conditions:

  • Temperature Range: 72 - 77°F
  • pH Range: 6.0 - 7.5
  • Water Hardness: 3 - 8

Temperament: Mostly peaceful with fish of similar size

Diet & Nutrition: Require a good variety of meaty frozen foods, as in the wild they are known to take insects and insect larvae from the water's surface. Bloodworm and white mosquito larvae are preferred, but they will also enjoy vitamin-enriched brineshrimp and daphnia.

Breeding & Spawning: A chosen conditioned pair should be acclimated to a softwater breeding aquarium furnished with large clumps of fine leaved plants and floating plants. The eggs, which are quite large, will be deposited among the plants near the water's surface. The parents should be transferred to another aquarium as they will predate them. The eggs usually number between 100 and 150, but up to 250 have been reported from one spawning. These eggs can be expected to hatch within 11-14 days and the young offered finely powdered "first foods" and newly hatched brineshrimp.

Gender: Males are more colorful, larger and have elongated finnage.