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Tri-County Tropicals and our entire tropical fish online store team are here to give you exquisite Barb freshwater fish that will captivate passers-by and customers alike. Choose us for a huge selection of beautiful additions to your pet store or aquarium, each designed to meet the diverse needs of customers nationwide. Buy freshwater fish online with us now! 


Red Tail Tinfoil Barb

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Barb fish are known for their vibrant colors, lively personalities, and active swimming behavior, making them a prized addition to aquariums and water features. These freshwater fish come in a variety of species and color combinations, each with its unique markings and characteristics. Find the perfect ones from our freshwater fish store, including:

Cherry Barb
Male Rosy Barb
Red Fin Tinfoil Barb
Red Line Torpedo Barb
Tiger Barb
Electric Green GloFish Tiger Barb
Starfire Red GloFish Tiger Barb

Benefits of Our Freshwater Fish Store

Our Barbs are carefully packed to ensure they arrive in perfect health. You have the option of airport-to-airport for easy pick-up or direct delivery if you are located within a 100-mile radius of JFK Airport. Alternatively, Tri-County Tropicals has a brick-and-mortar store in Richmond Hill, NY, where customers can expect competitive pricing and a seamless purchasing experience. Retailers seeking to enhance their current fish collection and add a bit of variety can trust our outstanding service and guidance.

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Barb fish are not just fish to add to your inventory; they are captivating aquatic treasures that enliven any aquarium and are sure to catch the eye of your customers. In  addition to barbs, your business can buy freshwater fish online from Tri-County Tropicals for both indoor tanks and outdoor ponds. Discover the wide varieties we carry in our extensive collections today!

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Enhance your pet store’s product range or your pond environment with the exceptional elegance of Barb fish from Tri-County Tropicals. Improve your customers' aquatic enjoyment by partnering with us today and establishing your retail venue as a top choice for premium wholesale freshwater fish. Order now!