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Tri-County Tropicals is your go-to destination for exquisite Arowana tropical fish that will captivate any aquatic enthusiast. Our nationwide freshwater fish store online takes pride in offering a vast selection of high-quality Arowanas to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Learn more about how you can buy freshwater fish online with us!

About Our Arowana Fish

Arowana fish are renowned for their stunning beauty and graceful movements, making them prized additions to aquariums, pet stores, and other water features. These freshwater fish are known for their elongated bodies, large scales, and vibrant colors, including shades of red, green, and silver. Whether you're a seasoned hobbyist or a beginner, the allure of Arowana fish makes them a standout choice from our tropical fish online store. Choose between:

Albino Red Eye Arowana
Australian Arowana
Silver Arowana

Benefits of Our Freshwater Fish Store

Our Arowanas are meticulously cared for in optimal conditions to ensure their health, vibrancy, and stunning beauty. Tri-County Tropicals is committed to providing exceptional service, competitive pricing, and a seamless purchasing experience for retailers looking to elevate their fish collection. You can expect attentive support and guidance every step of the way. Gain access to our extensive collection of Arowana fish, unmatched in quality and diversity.

Silver Arowana

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Arowanas are not just fish; they are captivating living art that elevates any aquarium with their beauty and charm. But Tri-County Tropicals also features a variety of other freshwater fish and pond fish for purchase to make sure your underwater world is filled with different species. View all the different tropical fish we offer now!

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Enhance your retail space with the unparalleled beauty of Arowana fish from Tri-County Tropicals. Elevate your customers' aquatic experience by partnering with us today and setting your retail location apart as a premier destination for stunning wholesale freshwater fish. Order from our freshwater fish store online now!