Hi-Fin Swordtails

Swordtail | Assorted Hi-Fin Swordtails

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(Please note that the fish shown in the photo is only a representative of what an adult specimen would look like. The color may vary based on the age and sex of the fish you receive.)

Scientific Name:  Xiphophorus helleri

Common Name:  Hi-Fin Swordtail

Adult Size: 3 inches

Life Expectancy: 5 years

Habitat: Central America

Minimum Tank Size: 30 gallons

Ideal Tank Conditions:

  • Temperature Range: 64 - 82°F
  • pH Range: 7.0 - 8.3
  • Water Hardness: 12 - 30

Temperament: Generally peaceful, however, males can be aggressive towards each other, so it is recommended to keep only one male in a tank unless the tank is large enough to accommodate multiple males.

Diet & Nutrition: Omnivore that will eat commercially prepared flaked foods, freeze dried bloodworms, tubifex, brine shrimp, as well as algae.

Breeding & Spawning: Livebearers and relatively easy to breed. Females can give birth to several dozen fry at once. It is recommended to keep males and females in a ratio of 1:2 to ensure successful breeding.

Gender: Males are typically larger and more colorful than females. The anal fin of males is also modified into a "sword" shape, while females have a more triangular shape.