Family-Owned and Operated Wholesale Pond Fish Supplier: Tri-County Tropicals

Tri-County Tropicals, a family-owned and operated wholesale fish supplier based in Richmond Hill, NY, has been catering to brick-and-mortar retailers across the U.S. for more than two decades. With a commitment to providing a vast selection of high-quality freshwater pond fish, we’ve become a go-to source for independent pet stores seeking to diversify their inventory. Find out what sets Tri-County Tropicals apart as a trusted supplier of wholesale fish, and then shop with us today.

koi fish swimming in pond

Varied Selection of Freshwater Pond Fish

We take pride in offering a wide variety of species that are ideal for stocking garden ponds. From elegant koi fish to vibrant goldfish and other unique specimens, our collection boasts some of the most colorful and attractive fish available. Whether your customers are searching for specific breeds or creating a thriving pond ecosystem, Tri-County Tropicals can help!

koi fish swimming in pond

Convenient Access to Stocking Fish

With Tri-County Tropicals' extensive network and online store, retailers can easily source high-quality pond fish without the hassle of searching locally. Tri-County Tropicals' broad reach ensures that independent pet stores across the continental U.S. can conveniently access the fish they need to satisfy their customers' demands.

koi fish swimming in pond

Superior Quality Through Careful Rearing

At Tri-County Tropicals, quality is of utmost importance. Our experts diligently source and raise the fish, ensuring an optimal fish selection for customers. By dedicating special attention and care, we guarantee that our fish are visually striking and healthy. This commitment to quality ensures that retailers and their customers receive the finest specimens available.

koi fish swimming among lily pads

Sustainable Practices and Secure Shipping

Tri-County Tropicals is committed to sustainability, employing practices that prioritize the well-being of our fish and the environment. From responsible sourcing to strict quality control measures during packing and shipping, we ensure the healthy and safe arrival of our fish. Retailers can confidently rely on Tri-County Tropicals for secure shipments backed by our Live Arrival Guarantee!

With Tri-County Tropicals, you can access a wide range of freshwater pond fish and elevate your garden pond offerings. Visit our online fish store today and discover the world's most beautiful fish for your inventory!

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